For over ten years FITNESS360 has been bridging the gap between rehabilitation and personal training. We help you get out of pain or injury and get you back to the sport activity you like.

The Yellow Zone

Our goal is to find out what is causing your pain, not just chase it with medication, creams, and modalities.


Comprehensive testing to assess the reason for your pain

You will receive a thorough evaluation, hands on treatment, education about our findings, and a plan developed specifically to rehabilitate your injuries.


We begin with manual therapy to rehab damaged tissue and reduce inflammation

We use advanced skills like joint mobilization, myofascial release, and cupping therapy.


Through our Mobility and corrective exercise programs

you learn and develop the strength and techniques to create resilient tissue, and proper movement patterns needed to safely move into the next Zone.

Clinical Assessment
Soft Tissue Treatment
Physical Therapy
Mobility Program

We start by analyzing your movements and help identify postures and positions that may create stress and pain in certain areas.

Our first goal is to get rid of your pain. We can typically reduce your pain significantly in 1-3 visits. Pain is a trump card and your body will change the way it moves and reacts because of it. We need to get the pain to go away so we can learn more about your movement patterns and habits that may have caused it.

Our on-site physical therapist is available for the rehabilitation of any chronic injuries and pain issues. We use a therapist to ensure are healthy enough to train, we also use this as a addition to your program design.
Read more about Dr. Marcello Sarrica DPT

We will show you exercise “resets” and self mobilization techniques to help you increase mobility on your own at home after your visit. This program includes a mobility kit with specific tools used to help you maintain your mobility and activate weak muscles, as a continued effort to pain management and injury prevention.

** We work with you and your therapist/ trainer to get you moving pain-free and back to your daily activities.