Our treatments match our understanding of pain management, inflammation, movement efficiency, and the importance of recovery.

Muscles tend to become tight and adhere to one another due to repetition and overuse, which tends to reduce the efficiency of your activities.

We offer several options to help speed up your recovery time and retain peak performance.
Stretch Therapy
Sports Recovery Massage
Cupping Therapy
Compression and Cryo Therapy

We use a combination of our mobility program, myofasical stretching, and (PNF) propriorceptive neuromuscular facilitation to target specific muscle groups to increase flexibility and improve muscular strength.

Massage for sports injuries not only concentrates on existing injuries, but can also help prevent injuries. We use it before training to help prevent injuries and after training sessions to help return the muscles to their relaxed state.

Provides relief to athletes experiencing various sport-related injuries and soreness.
A beneficial treatment for rehabilitation related issues and gym junkies – the cupping pressure combined with active movements draws the fascia and the surrounding tissue away from the muscle. This opens up the body and releases tension without force and compression.

Compression is an effective way to increase blood flow and flush lactic acid to speed up recovery time after exercise.
Compressed air massages limbs, mobilizes fluids, and fights inflammation by replenishing the limbs with fresh blood, stimulating recovery.

Cold Compression – a cryo-sleeve is used in 10 to 15 increments to treat pain and inflammation and is a great alternative to ice baths.